AE Tuition Methodology

The AE Tuition Ltd process of 11+ preparation has been developed from experience we have gained over more than 30 years. Our tuition methodology produces significant changes in a child’s educational progress and very high 11+ pass rates.

AE Tuition courses will prepare your child to sit Verbal Activity (inc. Verbal Ability & Verbal Reasoning), Non-verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English examinations for grammar schools in the Greater London area and the surrounding regions (e.g. Surrey, Kent and Essex).

The preparation covers everything necessary for GL Assessment (Granada Learning) and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) 11+ examinations. It is also excellent preparation for Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English examinations in the independent sector.

Preparation consists of the following disciplines:

  1. Verbal Activity

Verbal Activity skills are developed using AE Tuition materials, supported by other suitable materials available on the market

  1. Non-verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal Reasoning technique is taught using AE Tuition materials, supported by other suitable materials available on the market

  1. Mathematics

This consists of developing a child’s mathematical ability above national standard in the National Curriculum. The AE Tuition Maths series is highly successful in enabling children to reach this high level

  1. English

Work focuses mainly on the development of spelling, vocabulary, grammar and syntax skills. This helps children improve their scores in Verbal Activity and English papers. The CEM examination requires a full understanding of the English language, so this has become even more important. English is often an area of weakness for many children and for this reason we have increased the emphasis on this work to ensure children build a firm foundation. AE Tuition materials are extensively used, supported by other suitable materials available on the market

  1. Weekly Test Scores

AE Tuition class tests are used on a weekly basis as a means of measuring children’s progress and reinforcing their understanding and technique

  1. Mock Examinations

These give children a chance to try out some age-related GL Assessment-style practice papers in Verbal Reasoning and English under examination conditions. Children will also sit CEM-style papers that include Verbal Activity, Non-verbal Reasoning and Maths

All year 5 examinations are marked by an OMR reader which ensures greater accuracy and reporting



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