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Children sitting for September entry will take the 11+ examination in the January of that year. Applications to schools should be made from September to October of the previous year. We prepare children for these examinations from September to December.   Course details

Most of the independent schools we prepare for are in the Sunday Times top ranking UK schools.

11+ Examinations: English (Comprehension and Creative Writing), Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning are normally required although some schools only require English and Mathematics. A few schools do test children in Non-verbal Reasoning too. 11+ examinations are held in January of the year of entry. Some schools rely on a current school report, an informal interview or some form of internal assessment.

Interviews: Most schools conduct formal interviews as part of their selection process.

Open Days/Evenings: These take place from September to December of the previous academic year and schools should be contacted for details. Many schools will allow private visits by arrangement.Application dates: Most school application dates fall between late October and December of the academic year prior to a child’s entry. Many schools will not accept a late application, so it is crucial to contact schools as soon as possible for details.

Fees: These range from around £10,000 to over £18,000 p.a. Most school fees however are between £12,000 and £15,000 p.a. Boarding fees would be additional.

Bursaries: Nowadays, more schools offer bursary places for children who do well in the examination, but whose family income is too low to afford fees. These are usually means tested and can cover the full school fee. However, they are usually between 20-50% of the annual fee.

Scholarships: These are offered to the highest performing applicants and are designed to attract the very best pupils. They are not dependent upon family income and usually result in a significant discount on fees and, on some occasions, offer 100% of the fees.

Information about Fees and Payment Methods

Methods of paying school fees

The four main ways in which fees are paid are:

  •  plans that mature after a number of years
  •  from capital
  •  from immediate fee plans
  •  from bursaries/scholarships
  •  from income

General Information

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Fee Assistance at London Independent Schools

Educational Trusts’ Forum

Personal Finance/Investment

We would advise you to contact your financial advisor regarding your personal investment plans

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