“I am writing a letter of compliment for Rose Maini.
I am sure you are already aware as to how amazing Rose is; however I would still like to put in a word of compliment.
As a parent I can see that she has a superb hold over the subject matter and the class at large. She makes sure that all the pupils are involved and that the class progresses at a steady pace.
Working in one of UK’s largest Multi Academy Trusts, I interact with subject experts on a day to day basis and hence have the ability to weigh up your operations closely with what I see up and down the country. Everything is well thought through and executed flawlessly.
Our son loves his new class and the class teacher which says a lot.
Thank you for planning the AE Tuition structure so well and hand-picking high quality staff like Rose Maini. As parents we are always praising your set-up to our friends & family. Already a few of our friends have joined the classes from this year and we are all thankful to you for your hard work.
I wish you all good luck and offer to extend any help that you might need from my professional experience at any stage.”

Parent: Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Operations Director, Avanti Schools Trust

“I had my daughter going through the nine-month programme. I found it to be a great learning environment. It gave Priya the push she needed to pass. Not only did she pass Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas but she also passed in some private school exams including Lady Eleanor Holles. She was also offered an academic scholarship. A great experience overall with AE Tuition.”


“I have used AE Tuition for many years. My third child is now at the centre. The other two successfully got a place in a grammar school. The tuition was very useful. The resources were well explained and the teaching was effective. All my children showed a rapid progression in their learning.”

Mrs Sahnoun

“This is my first experience with AE Tuition. I’m really happy with the progress of my daughter. When she started at AE she was lacking in confidence and now she is confident and shining. It shows in her school work and in her attitude towards her work. I am grateful that she joined this course.”

Mrs Wanniarachchi

“Thank you so much for your help and support. I got into Wallington County Grammar School and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I would especially like to thank Mr Cheng for being a wonderful teacher.”


“Thanks for everything. I passed my 11+. I also got my first-choice school. Thank you for all your help.”


“You really helped me understand my mistakes. Thank you for encouraging me when I was struggling and for your patience.”


“Thank you very much for all your support and help that you have given to my sons. My one son passed all his tests. He was offered a place in both Chesham and Burnham Grammar Schools. My other son passed both the 12+ and Dr Challoners tests.”


“A big thank you to everyone who has helped me over the last couple of years to achieve my goal. You will be pleased to know that I have secured good marks in QE Boys (Queen Elizabeth’s School), Slough and excellent marks in Tiffin Grammar. A special thank you to Nim and Claire as my two class teachers.”


“Thank you for helping me with my homework and marking all my tests. You have worked really well with me and many children could not have passed their exams without you. Although the heaps of homework made me cringe, the books were brilliant! Thank you for teaching me so well. PS. Thank you Stephen Curran for writing the AE books.”


“Thank you very much for all your efforts and time you have given. I got into every single school, which is wonderful. I am extremely grateful and will never forget the tuition which helped me get into this grammar school.”


“I have been accepted at Langley Grammar School. My first choice. Thank you for all your help and excellent teaching.”


“Thank you to all the AE team for all the support, hard work and guidance! Each one of you has contributed to our success in the 11+ exam.”

Child and Family

“Thank you to everyone at AE. To put it simply, you are just ‘awesome’. My son passed all his tests.”

Child and Family

“Thank you to all the dedicated AE teachers and all the assistants who have taught my son. He has passed his 11+ exams for Bucks, Berks and Southwest Herts Consortiums. Many thanks to all in the AE Tuition Centre. You guys are brilliant!”

Parents and Child

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