Berkshire Grammar Schools

Entry is decided by examination only (in catchment and external candidate policies apply). Application forms are available online.

Applications are made from May onwards and examinations take place in in early September at the grammar schools.

Information can be obtained from Slough Borough Council about the four grammar schools in Slough. Langley Grammar School, Herschel Grammar School, Upton Court Grammar School and St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School can also be contacted directly.

The examination for Langley, Herschel, Upton Court and St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar Schools (Slough Consortium) comprises sitting two CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) papers (45-50 minutes each) on the same day. The papers consist of Verbal Ability, Numerical and Non-verbal Reasoning (the definition of verbal ability is wide and includes comprehension and reading skills). In other words, these papers comprise Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English.

  • The pass marks are: Hershel – 111 (entry 114 upwards); St Bernard’s – 111 (Catholics given preference), Upton Court – 111 upwards and Langley 117-119 (varies from year to year).
  •  The highest score achievable is 165 (100%) and scores are calculated as an average across the papers. Each paper is given equal weighting.

The Kendrick Girls’ and Reading Boys’ examination also involves two CEM papers of 45-50 minutes each, comprising Verbal Ability, Non-verbal and Numerical Reasoning. Both schools operate a designated area as part of their respective oversubscription criteria.

If children sit for the Slough Consortium, the CEM examination counts across all six schools and marks are shared if parental permission is granted on the Consortium application form. The marks are re-calibrated out of 141 and only children who are scoring above 85% have a likelihood of success.

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