Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools

Entry is decided by examination only, but catchment can be a restriction to external candidates in some schools. The schools have different catchment policies and should be contacted directly for details about this.

Applications for entry should be made to the Admissions Team in Aylesbury for external candidates. Eligible candidates within catchment areas are usually contacted by their own schools about the examination.

Applications are made from May onwards in the run up to the September examinations.

The examination comprises sitting two GL Assessment 11+ papers. These papers comprise a combination of Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and English. The papers are given equal weighting. There is a short break between each paper. Both papers are sat on the same day.

The score required to pass is 121.

Each year the examinations are sat on the same day in early September for internal candidates in their own primary school. External candidates also sit later on the same day at a designated school in Aylesbury.

External candidates are offered places if there is space after internal candidates have secured places. Some schools will always fill from catchment, but others regularly offer places outside of catchment.

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