Times Tables – the key to a child’s development in mathematics

The way in which mathematics is taught to children has been the subject of much debate in recent years, with many parents raising concerns about the teaching methods in UK schools. The new maths National Curriculum, which was introduced in 2014, went some way to addressing these concerns. It introduced a more structured approach to teaching maths as part of a drive to improve standards. However, parents are still asking how they can help reinforce what their children have learnt in maths lessons at school.

At AE Tuition, we firmly believe that times tables should be learned from as early an age as possible. In our view, all children should know the times tables up to 12 by the end of year 3. A sound recall of the times tables will form a strong foundation for all maths learning that follows and without this skill a child is likely to struggle. Learning times tables helps children understand number bonds up to and beyond 100. It also means they have no need for calculators when learning to multiply and divide using the paper and pen method.

We believe that children should learn times tables in a randomised way, rather than simply reciting them by rote. When using AE Publications’ Times Tables workbooks a child is first presented with a times table to memorise, which is followed by the completion of random exercises focusing on that particular times table. This is reinforced by the use of times tables flash cards which enable parents or tutors to test a child’s knowledge in a fun and engaging way. AEP’s Times Tables workbooks are organised into structured, step-by-step, fifteen day programmes, which means a child could learn all the times tables up to 12 in just three working weeks (Workbook 1) and up 20 in a further three working weeks (Workbook 2).

This approach to learning underpins AE Publications’ whole Maths series of workbooks and testbooks. Each chapter in our ‘how-to’ Maths workbooks introduces children to the basic principles of the topic, then imparts the techniques required to master the topic and finally reinforces this learning by giving them plenty of practice questions. This methodological approach to learning maths is the most effective way to complement what is being taught in school. AEP’s range of Maths workbooks and testbooks are available for purchase from our online bookshop by any parent who wants to see their child’s performance in maths measurably improve.

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