Verbal Activity Series – We’ve got 11+ exams covered

At AE Tuition we aim to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the 11+ examinations and beyond.

Because the 11+ exam papers sat by children around the country are written by two different exam boards, any preparation material needs to incorporate all of the elements covered by both the GL Assessment and the CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) examinations.

Our Verbal Activity series has been written with this in mind and the workbooks and testbooks for school years 5-7 encompass all the material needed to prepare for both exam boards.
Certain topics covered in the series are unique to just one of the two exam boards. For example, the CEM exam tests syntax, comprehension and cloze skills, whereas the GL Assessment exam includes coding and series style questions. Our books prepare children to answer all these styles of question. There are a number of question types, such as synonyms, antonyms, homonyms and odd one out, that are common to both exam boards. Our Verbal Activity series includes all the techniques required to comprehensively cover these types of question.

These areas are also covered, in more depth, in the AE Publications’ Semantics series. Semantics is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with the meaning of words. Our Semantics workbooks provide a solid foundation in this discipline, enabling children to fully grasp the subtleties of language and accurately define the meaning of words in various contexts. This important skill is also required in comprehension tests, which are contained in the CEM 11+ examinations.

As well as covering every possible area that may come up in either type of 11+ examination, our Verbal Activity series gives children a firm foundation in English.

The philosophy that underpins not only the Verbal Activity series but also our entire range of English, Maths and Non-verbal Reasoning publications, is that our books must show children ‘how-to’ master a topic. The fundamentals of each subject are explained, then followed by key problem-solving techniques before being tested by exam-style practice questions. This methodical approach to learning ensures that the child has a clear understanding of the basics of every topic before honing the techniques that will enable them to demonstrate their understanding of the subject as a whole.

Our current range of classroom tested workbooks and testbooks can be found in our online bookshop. AE Publications’ range of books is constantly expanding to meet the needs of children, parents and tutors. To see details of our most recent releases please visit our ‘New Books’ page.

Because our complete range of workbooks and testbooks covers all the topics needed for success, whichever exam board is conducting their child’s exam, parents know that when it comes to 11+ exams, AE Tuition have it covered.

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