What is ‘Semantics’ and why should my child know how to use it?

Semantics is a branch of linguistics concerned with the meanings of words and their relationships with other words of similar or different meaning. Children have to learn that a word may have a similar meaning to another word (a synonym), will have other words that mean the opposite (an antonym), or may have more than one meaning (a homonym).

This is why AE Publications have just launched three new books on synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.

  • Synonyms workbook covers words with similar meanings
  • Antonyms workbook covers words with opposite meanings
  • Homonyms workbook covers words more than one meaning

These books are vital to the honing of a child’s understanding and use of the English language. They also cover the skills required in both verbal ability tests (CEM) and verbal reasoning tests (GL Assessment).

New courses starting September 2019

Details of online enrolment for September 2019 courses will appear here in a few weeks' time