Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses for years 3 to 5 prepare children for Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, English and technical English (GL Assessment and similar) 11+ examinations for Bucks, Berks and all grammar schools in the Greater London/Surrey/Kent/Essex regions for grammar school entry in year 7. Our preparation is also applicable for other grammar school regions as examination requirements are very similar across the grammar school system.

We also offer a Core English and Mathematics course for Year 4 –  5 children. This course aims to improve children’s performance in the Core subjects of English and Mathematics so that they exceed National Standard when they take their SATs examination in Year 6. It addresses the gap in the standard expected in state schools.

The Scholarship Programme/Independent School and further Grammar school preparation course is for children in years 6 to 8 who are preparing for Independent school entrance exams and for children sitting Bucks Late Entry exams (12+/13+).

Our SATs preparation course is for children in Year 6. This course covers English and Mathematics at ‘greater depth’ with the objective that children should be exceeding national levels by the time they sit the SATs examination.

Beyond that, our Core Subjects courses are offered to children in years 7 to 9 – the course in Mathematics, Science and English helps children attain Mastery level at Key Stage 3.

We do not offer tuition beyond year 9.

Bookings are made online. Our user-friendly Parent Portal will take you through the process, just follow the instructions.

The fee covers all tuition and course materials. Also included are revision sessions, mock exams, parents’ presentation evenings, monitoring reports and feedback. Children staying on for the following academic year will also benefit from a priority booking period.

Please be aware that there is no dedicated parking available at our tuition centres in Slough or Langley. There is free parking available in the surrounding area at both centres, within a few minutes’ walk away.  Please allow time to park and walk to the centre. At the Langley centre, there are also limited parking meters along Waterside Drive. Please be considerate when dropping your children off and refrain from parking on neighbouring businesses’ property.  Our Feltham centre benefits from a local authority pay and display car park.

We do not assess children prior to enrolment, however if you do book a course with us the first lesson will include a baseline assessment. This will enable us to monitor your child’s progress and address any areas of significant weakness. Classes are mixed ability.

Groups are usually between 21 and 25 children. As well as the class teacher, each group will be assigned 2 supervisors and up to 8 teaching assistants, dependent on class size. The assistants will be responsible for routine administration and helping children individually whenever required.

Teaching will be provided by a fully UK qualified and experienced teacher, who has also been trained to deliver AE Tuition Ltd.’s specialised programme. All staff are subjected to DBS checks and many are qualified to administer first aid if needed.

Homework should take about 60 minutes a day, less for children in years 3 and 4. Parents should mark all homework (from answer sheets supplied) and comment on any significant difficulties a child may be having in their homework diary. Any problems they might have are dealt with individually at the next session with one of the assistants.

We do offer the option of an occasional temporary move into an alternative scheduled class in the event of a clash with a special family event or function. This is subject to a fair-use policy.

Advice will be given to parents in the run-up period and during the parents’ evening, however it is the responsibility of parents to make the applications.

Our courses prepare children thoroughly for the 11+ exam; your child’s result will be down to individual performance on the day of the exam, how hard they have worked and their potential ability that has been accessed through the course. Our most recent published pass rates will be available to view on our website.

Everything needed for the lesson will be supplied for your child. Children may bring a pencil case and a drink of water to class should they wish. Please do not bring any food or fizzy drinks to lessons.

At the time of booking, a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is taken by credit or debit card to book a place on the course (included in the total fee). The remaining balance is then paid by interest-free standing order payments.

At the time of booking, a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is taken by credit or debit card to book a place on the course (included in the total fee). If you wish to pay the balance in full, please contact our Administration office after booking online.

Please book a suitable alternative class which you would be happy to attend and then submit a waiting list request for your preferred choice (the online portal will guide you on how to do this). You will then be contacted if a place become available. There is no guarantee if or when a place may become available in your preferred class; you should be prepared to possibly attend your booked class for the duration of the course.

Online booking for our 2024/2025 courses is now OPEN