Core English at AE Tuition

All children preparing for the 11+ at AE Tuition are put through a core English programme. This involves children covering the following important topics:

  • Spelling and vocabulary covering the dictionary and contextual meaning of over 5,000 words
  • Synonyms, antonyms and homonyms
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Close activity in context (inserting the correct word in a passage) and in words (inserting missing letters in words)
  • Comprehension skills and practice

There are five important reasons for our policy:

  1. Buckinghamshire GL Assessment exams and similar require a mastery of basic English skills, including comprehension
  2. SATs levels in English will be improved
  3. Grammar schools require excellent English – children going to grammar schools with higher English skills will be placed in the top sets
  4. The range of grammar options – at the beginning of the tuition process we advise parents to be open-minded about grammar schools they may wish to apply for (some schools require English). The many possible options will be fully discussed at the Parents’ Evening
  5. Improving reading and comprehension skills is useful for all other subject areas as children are more able to interpret and understand question material



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