Core Maths at AE Tuition

All children preparing for the 11+ at AE Tuition are put through a core Mathematics programme. This involves children covering the following important topics:

  • Competency with times tables up to 12, number bonding, place value
  • Four rules of number (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Basic number skills/operations and definitions, e.g. inverse operations, prime, square, cube, rectangular and triangular numbers
  • Four rules of decimals (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Four rules of fractions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Percentages (amount to % and % to amount), decimals, fractions and %
  • Money and costs
  • Metric/imperial measurement
  • Time
  • Probability
  • Ratio
  • Proportion
  • Basic geometry (shapes, angles)
  • Tables, diagrams, charts and graphs
  • Mensuration (area and volume)
  • Basic algebra and simple equations

There are seven important reasons for our policy:

  1. Some styles of Verbal Reasoning paper include maths question types. Good mathematics skills help children do much better on these questions
  2. Mathematics develops Logical Reasoning skills – reasoning skills are not subject exclusive. Improving mathematical (quantitative) reasoning skills also helps build more advanced verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills
  3. The range of grammar options – at the beginning of the tuition process we advise parents to be open-minded about grammar schools they may wish to apply for (some schools require mathematics). The many possible options will be fully discussed at the parents evening in May
  4. Grammar schools require excellent maths – children going to grammar schools with higher maths skills will be placed in the top sets
  5. National curriculum mathematics is undemanding – state primary school children are disadvantaged mathematically
  6. Buckinghamshire 12+/13+ requires above national standard in mathematics – if children do not succeed in the 11+, only Buckinghamshire LEA officially allows re-sits at 12 and 13 years. However, children must have achieved above national standard in Mathematics and English in their SATs exam in May of year 6
  7. Core mathematics and extension mathematics – on some weeks there will be extra exercises to extend pupils who need more of a challenge. The weekly core mathematics will cover all that is necessary for the 11+ exams



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