Years 6-8 Scholarship programme

Scholarship Programme - Independent School & further Grammar School preparation

Course details

School Year

For children in Years 6-8 from Sept 2018 +

Course Length

September 2018 - December 2018


Langley Tuition Centre


This course aims to take your child to a very high level of performance and to achieve Scholarships in the Independent schools’ sector if possible and is taught by our most experienced subject specialists. This course also prepares children for the following examinations:

i) Independent school 11+ & Common Entrance exams sat in January 2019

ii) useful preparation for any grammar schools with second round English and/or Maths exams in November/December/January

iii) as this course covers English & maths, it is useful early preparation for the 2019 Year 6 Key Stage 2 SATs tests in May – this course aims to maximise children’s potential and reach mastery standard

iv) Bucks schools’ Late Entry exams (12+/13+) are now administered by most Bucks grammar schools independently & usually require maths & English. For those also doing the Bucks CEM 12+/13+ exam that is administered centrally by the LEA for a few grammar schools, 15 additional sessions are provided as individual tuition to cover the VAc & NVR requirements for these tests – a separate cost schedule will be provided for this.

Course Highlights

  • Tuition is held twice a week; pupils attend both on a Sunday and a Wednesday
  • Taught by subject specialists
  • One to one support
  • Includes all teaching material
  • Mock examination plus follow-up
  • Useful preparation for any grammar schools with second round English &/or maths examinations in Nov/Dec/Jan
  • Early preparation for Year 6 Key Stage 2 SATs tests in May
  • Bucks schools' Late Entry examinations (12+/13+) preparation

New courses starting September 2019

Details of online enrolment for September 2019 courses will appear here in a few weeks' time